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That she had barely been tolerating him, and couldn't be happier than to be rid of him. Sheridan did not take especially well to being simply "tolerated," and he was almost tempted to toss aside his deadline of two days and simply order her and her entire crowd of techies off his station, effective immediately. Sheridan and his people would explore the artifact itself, and if it never yielded up its mysteries, well... it'd make a hell of a paperweight.

But he decided not to be quite that extreme. Not yet. Instead he would wait forty-eight hours, as promised, before taking final action.

After all, two more days wasn't going to kill anyone.

In the security office, Zack Allan and Susan Ivanova stood on either side of Deuce, who looked about as emotional as an Easter Island statue. A guard was standing near the door just in case Deuce got any cute ideas about bolting.

"Okay, Deuce," Zack said slowly, rubbing his eyes both out of frustration and determination not to fall asleep during a questioning. "I'm gonna ask you again: what were you doing down in the maintenance area?" When Deuce made no immediate reply-which didn't surprise Zack overmuch-Zack continued, "You were trying to open the air locks. Why?"

For the first time in a while, Deuce actually contributed to the conversation. It wasn't particularly helpful, but at least it was succinct. "I was going to go for a walk." When they looked at him skeptically, he repeated, "I was going for a walk."

Ivanova came around in front of him so that she was staring straight into his eyes. "Do you know what explosive decompression looks like? Do you have any idea what it would do to this place?"

Deuce looked at her ... except it didn't seem as if he was looking at her so much as through her. "I wanted to go outside.
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