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"Chief... you're not gonna believe this. Deuce, of all people, was trying to open up the air locks. Came a lot closer than any of us would've liked, too."

"Bring him up here," said Zack. "This guy, I want to handle personally."

"Up in five," she replied, cut the transmission, and then turned to the others. "Chief wants to talk to him."

"I'll bet," said one of the guards as they hauled Deuce away.

Morishi was left alone in the corridor with his thoughts. And they were not especially pleasant ones. He had considered for a moment stopping the security personnel, going into detail as to just what was on his mind, but all he really had at this point was conjecture and speculation. He didn't know anything for certain, and Morishi was by nature a cautious man. At the very least, he reasoned, he should talk to Dr. Trent about his concerns.

He was sure she'd keep an open mind.

For someone who was a head shorter than Sheridan, Trent made incredible time. Her legs carried her down the corridor at a speed that seemed roughly twenty-five percent faster than Sheridan could keep up with. But he wasn't about to be left behind, nor was he going to ask her to slow down. Unfortunately, he wasn't having a tremendous amount of success with getting anything useful out of her.

"So what've you found so far?" he asked her again as they strode down the hallway. Trent was carrying an assortment of reports under her arm. He noticed that the pile of reports she toted grew every day. Unfortunately the knowledge she was sharing with him was not increasing by a parallel amount.

Nor did she seem inclined to be any more forthcoming today than she had been any of the previous days. "Nothing I feel confident talking about," she said tersely.

"You've had five days."

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