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man clearly intended to make a fight of it, but he didn't have a chance in hell as the squadron plowed into him, overwhelming him through sheer force of numbers and driving him to the ground. He remained eerily silent, not uttering so much as a cry or word of protest. It was as if he didn't care... or worse, that he was quietly certain that he would eventually have the final triumph. That this was, at most, a momentary setback.

A woman security guard moved to aid Morishi. "Are you all right, Mr. Morishi? Do you need a med team?"

"No, no ... I'm all right," Morishi said. Using the wall for support, he started to push himself upward. She reached out, took his upper arm, and pulled him the rest of the way up. It surprised the hell out of Morishi, because she was half a head shorter than he was, but apparently she had rather wiry muscles and had no trouble at all hauling Morishi to his feet.

She glanced at the would-be saboteur as handcuffs were slapped on him to make certain that he provided no more resistance. As he had during the entire imbroglio, he continued to be utterly mute. "Did he say anything to you?" the security guard asked Morishi.

Morishi hesitated a moment and then said, "He came by while I was at breakfast. He ... he said I should hurry up."

"Hurry up and what? Finish eating?"

He shrugged. "No idea," he said.

"Well, if you remember anything else, please let us know," she said, helping Morishi to dust himself off. "You tried to stop him, didn't you."

"Afraid I wasn't much use," admitted Morishi. "I'm not the world's most physical person. Not much of a fighter."

"You did your best. That counts for something." She patted him on the shoulder and then tapped her link. "Security Office."

"This is Allan," Zack's voice came back over the
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