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all. He knew exactly what was on his mind, and he was ...

... he was ... what?

"What the hell is he doing?" Morishi muttered.

The scruffy-looking man had stopped in front of the air lock bay. For the first time he had shifted his gaze from the distant point upon which he was focused. Now he was studying the massive doors that led out of the station into airless space. Doors which, if opened at the wrong time, would plunge the station into an immediate state of emergency as everything and anything within range would immediately be sucked out of Babylon 5 and into the cold and unforgiving realm of space.

The man's attention shifted to the controls of the air locks ... and he started to punch in codes.

"Hey!" shouted Morishi and, on instinct, he charged toward the scruffy-looking man. The man ignored him, continuing to enter codes. There was no way, absolutely no way that he should be able to trigger the opening of the air lock doors. That information was closely guarded and considered top security. Yet to Morishi's horror, not only did the man seem to know what he was doing, but he could swear that he heard huge tumblers start to turn over deep within the recesses of the air lock.

Morishi banged into the man, and caught a very quick glimpse of eyes that were as cold and inviting as a snuffed-out star. Then suddenly, Morishi was in midair.

The man had half-twisted, half-turned, and with strength that seemed completely contrary to the man's size, sent Morishi flying. Morishi crashed into the far wall, unhurt but with the breath momentarily knocked out of him. He lay there, stunned and confused, and the man returned to his work.

But only for a second, because then there was the pounding of feet, and a security squadron charged down the corridor. The scruffy-looking
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