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and the man walked out with what seemed to be true determination. What it was that the man was planning to do was a complete mystery to Morishi, but he felt that if he was in this far, he might as well see it through.

He followed his subject into the Babylon 5 maintenance area. An assortment of doors and corridors led off in a variety of directions, and they all had something in common: they bore signs that warned, in the most severe of terms, that only authorized personnel were permitted to touch anything. The prohibitions were listed in a variety of languages, and Morishi was quite certain that they weren't there simply because someone had some leftover signs he felt like sticking up on the walls.

Morishi's subject passed them all by, displaying no interest in them. His gaze continued to be focused on something beyond the confines of Babylon 5.

Bill Morishi began to make some quick, mental calculations. His spatial sense was second to none, and he had a photographic memory. Upon arrival on B5, he had taken the time to peruse schematics of the station in order to orient himself. Consequendy, he was able to know at any given moment where he was in relation to the rest of the station. He took into account the station's rotation, then mentally drew a line from his subject's eyes, heading outward, and tried to envision just what might be in his direct line of sight were there no walls in the way.

He felt a chill descend upon him, and he slowed down, suddenly lost in thought of his own. Thought, and a sort of distant, numbing dread.

This guy was looking straight at the artifact.

There was no doubt whatsoever in Morishi's mind, not the slightest scintilla of belief that he could be mistaken. The scruffy-looking, distracted man was not remotely distracted at
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