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where the vermin might be. You know you're surrounded ... but you don't know where the threat actually is.

"What are you doing around here, Deuce?" a familiar voice said from behind him.

He turned to see Zack Allan, the Babylon 5 chief of security, looming over him, his arms folded.

"Got a right to be wherever I want," Deuce told him.

"Not arguing that, Deuce," Zack replied easily. "It's just unusual to see you around these parts. You got something going? Hmm? Some scam in the hopper?"

"Just being where I need to be, Allan," Deuce told him. His arms were folded and he was rubbing his upper arms. "Leave me alone. And you could do something about fixing the temperature. It's freezing around here." And with that he headed off down the corridor.

Zack watched him go, wondering what it was that Deuce was up to... and wondering why the little worm was claiming that it was cold when it felt perfectly fine to Zack.

Chapter 6

Vir shifted uncomfortably in his chair for what seemed the twentieth time as Sheridan and Delenn sat across from him in the conference room, radiating what appeared to be boundless patience.

This was the second time in as many days that Vir had met with them on behalf of the League of Non-Aligned Worlds. The League had been ecstatic with the way in which he had "handled" the previous concerns, and the feeling was unanimous among League representatives that Vir was the one to bring their latest concerns to Sheridan. Vir, for his part, could only find characteristically bleak amusement in the notion that, even when he was successful, it only resulted in more aggravation.

"-so you'll understand," he said apologetically, "if this is a little awkward for me, but with Londo back home, things kind of fall to me. Besides, any time
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