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to tear her apart. She could practically see herself, lying on the floor, blubbering and sobbing like a mindless fool, drool trickling down her face, and her eyes wide open and staring at horrors which only she could witness.

She moved away from the ironically named Sanctuary, because there was no sanctuary there at all. No hiding, no escape. She bolted out the door, almost knocked over one passerby, did indeed bang into a second.

The name of the second passerby was Deuce, and he was one of the shabbier inhabitants of Babylon 5. There are some types of people who manage to put together a facade that nicely camouflages the type of person they truly are. Deuce was exactly the opposite. He was short, scruffy, shifty eyed, and the type of person who-if you spotted him-prompted you to check your pockets to make certain that you still had all your belongings, even if he was across the room from you. He had no particularly admirable qualities, but at least you knew where you stood with him: as far away as humanly possible.

"Hey, watch where you're going," Deuce started to say, even as his fingers deftly touched her jacket to see if there were any pockets ripe for picking. But then he saw her eyes, and something within them froze him where he stood. He had no idea what exactly it was that he was seeing deep within her, but he knew that it terrified him. He pulled away from her quickly, trying to shake off the chill that had fallen upon him, and when she turned and walked away from him he couldn't help but feel that he was somehow fortunate.

And there was something else, as well, on his mind. Something he was quite certain hadn't been there before. The kind of feeling one gets when one hears the scuttling of small, clawed feet in the darkness, but can't make out exactly
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