Яппаньки вам,уважаем(ый)(ая)(ое)!

Not realizing, of course, that in fact what she was holding would guarantee that Humanity would have no future ... nor would any other life-form in the known galaxy...

Zack had found it impossible to go back to sleep after the entire business with Lyta had gone down.

It wasn't as if this hadn't happened to him before. He often would run into a situation where he simply kept himself going the whole night, and at quiet points the next day he'd just catnap and catch up on the sleep. So he'd resigned himself to the notion that that was what tonight was going to be like. He had returned to his office to do paperwork, and to wait for updates from the guards whom he had assigned to keep an eye out for, and on, Lyta Alexander.

That's when the fighting began.

Deuce didn't have quarters, exactly. He had more of an "area" in Down Below, the seedier section of Babylon 5. An area where everyone who wanted to do business with him knew to come. It doubled as his living quarters, and was screened off with makeshift walls that allowed him needed privacy.

At that moment, a Drazi smuggler was standing

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