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off the artifact.

There had been a while there when she had felt herself starting to drift. The symbols had begun wavering in front of her, and her eyes felt so tired that she could barely keep the lids up. But then she had broken through her own personal wall, had shaken off the fatigue that was threatening to overwhelm her, and had snapped out of it.

She felt as if she were on to something, standing on the precipice of an incredible discovery. It was close to her, so close. It was as if the moment of discovery was just beyond the horizon, calling to her, telling her to make it over just one more mountain, vault one final crevice and she would be there. Understanding would flood over her, suffuse her, and she would practically glow with knowledge.

Different elements were clicking into place. She was pulling up bits of knowledge from her entire career, and she couldn't help but feel that her entire life's work had brought her to this particular point in time. Everything she had done up until now was a prelude.

In a way, it was daunting. This was it, she realized. She was staring at the pinnacle. There was no place to go but down.

Quickly, though, she tried to push such depressing notions aside, away from her. It simply wasn't true. Because it might take years to fully plumb the depths of the artifact. And she would be able to witness the incredible developments and strides for Humanity that would come as a result of her work. Her work.

A cup of coffee sat on the console nearby, and when she reached for it she realized that her hand was trembling. She tried to steady it but was only partly successful, and she withdrew it rather than risk knocking the cup over. She endeavored to steady herself, pull herself together so that she could continue the recording
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