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going to look to Sheila? She'd be repulsed by it. She'd take one look at him, wonder what the hell she was doing here, turn around and head for the nearest shuttle out of B5.

With great trepidation he glanced at Sheila.

She was smiling.

Smiling and shaking her head. "He never could hold his liquor," she said with what sounded like a surprisingly soft laugh. "That's how we met, you know. Remember? Started chatting at a bar, and he said that he could drink anyone under the table. I took his challenge. He wound up passing out, and I got stuck getting him home, even though I could barely see straight myself."

"Ohhhh, yeah," Alex recalled. "I'd forgotten about that."

"Those were good days," she sighed. "Who knew? Who knew what we would come to? How it would ail turn out."

She stood over Leo's sleeping form and, in spite of herself, reached down and stroked his hair. "So peaceful like this," she said, looking at his face, which was relaxed in repose. "None of the bluster there. None of the anger or jealousy. Just a sleeping, peaceful man."

She felt a stinging in her cheeks and was startled, and annoyed, to find hot tears running down her face. She'd had no idea that she was going to react in that manner, and she wasn't particularly happy about it.

"So tell me again how you're over him," came Alex's gentle voice from behind her.

"I am over him!" she insisted. "I just... I... I feel sorry for him, that's all. To waste your whole life... to realize that you've wasted it, and it's too late to do anything about it...."

"Well, maybe it's not too late," said Alex. "That's why I brought you here, right?"

Leo was hanging half off the bed. She gripped one of his legs and turned to Alex with a grunt. "Help me here, would you, Al?"

Alex promptly complied
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