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" Kosh had told them in that quiet, implacable tone of his.

So what Trent was saying now had some definite resonance. Who really did know, at any given moment, what the Vorlons were up to? Even though they were ostensibly gone, the entire race having departed "beyond," wherever the hell that was, their influence and impact could still be felt. And if they'd taken some sort of interest, from beyond, in the artifact and were using Lyta as an agent to ...

Ivanova shook her head. It all seemed too farfetched, somehow. Besides . .. the notion of arresting Lyta, after everything she'd done for them, starting with the fact that-if it weren't for her-they'd still have Talia Winters there as a sleeper agent for the Psi Corps. Lyta had uncovered that, under threat of tremendous personal risk, and ever since then she had been a reliable ally, not a threat.

Still... there was a truism, that around Babylon 5, no one was what they appeared.

Sheridan, meantime, appeared to be giving consideration to Trent's words. But after a pause, he told her, "I'll... consider your suggestion." He said it with a tone of finality that suggested he would consider it shortly after Satan and his cohorts were at home ice dancing.

That tone was not at all lost on Trent. "That's it? You'll 'consider it'?"

Ivanova spoke up, pointing out, "We do have this little thing called 'due process,' Dr. Trent. We'll keep an eye on her... bir there's no proof that this was anything other than an isolated in cident." She looked to Sheridan, who clearly agreed. "If that should change," she continued, "we'll take action. But not before. Meanwhile, I suggest you attend to the artifact and leave the station to us."

Trent seemed about to argue the point further, but then shrugged. She did so with the air
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