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came for her. Other reports since then indicate that the Vorlons ... altered her. Increased her ability."

There were further details about Lyta that the command staff of Babylon 5 already knew, but none of them felt any particular inclination to volunteer them. Ivanova said, "Assuming for the sake of argument that you're right, I'm surprised you haven't been keeping an eye on her."

To which Trent replied blandly, "What makes you think we haven't?" Then she turned to Sheridan, her voice and demeanor becoming completely no-nonsense. It was very much the tough-as-nails inner woman that Sheridan had glimpsed earlier during their initial negotiations. "Captain, in the past, the Vorlons have done everything they can to prevent Humans from getting hold of advanced technology. If she's still under their influence, she may have tried to destroy the artifact to keep us from figuring out what it is. She may not even know she's doing it. Nonetheless, she's a danger to this project. I suggest you keep her under house arrest until we've done a little more groundwork on this thing."

The comment certainly struck a chord with Ivanova. She remembered the time several years before when Jha'Dur, one of the Dilgar-and a nasty piece of work in her own right-had caused a major stir on the station. She'd shown up on Babylon 5 carrying a formula that would provide immortality. As she had prepared to leave the sector in her ship, the Vorlons had blown her to bits before she could enter hyperspace.

And there had been Ambassador Kosh, hidden beneath the confines of his encounter suit, making no bones about the fact that the Vorlons were responsible. The Vorlons, above the law, above judgment, above mere mortal standards of good and evil ... or so it seemed. "You are not ready for immortality,
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