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ignored their reaction and circled the office in leisurely fashion, her hands casually clasped behind her back. "According to information we received from Slayner, she told him she felt drawn to the Vorlon Homeworld, the result of a previous encounter with the Vorlon Ambassador Kosh. Until this time, anyone who entered Vorlon space never came back, so the captain was understandably reluctant. But the money was right, so they went. He took her as far as their border."

She paused a moment, looking at Lyta, who was in the process of taking the medication that Franklin had handed her. She wondered momentarily just how powerful Lyta Alexander was. What if her power went beyond sensitivity to technology? What if she was actually able to detect their thoughts? What if she knew that they were talking about her?

And what if she got angry about it?

Trent shook off those musings as being not only counterproductive, but downright spooky. She continued, "They sent a continuous signal, inviting the Vorlons to appear. After severe* days, when the Vorlons didn't show, the captain decided to he -^ back. At that point, Lyta commandeered a life pod and eject into Vorlon space. The captain wisely took off and nevetf >^ her again. We suspect that was what they were waiting for. *^^

Sheridan looked to Ivanova this time, and she gave an almost imperceptible nod. This part, at least, jibed with information they already had acquired about Lyta. Information with which she herself had been forthcoming. It gave them some small comfort, knowing that she'd been straight with them, at least.

"Life pods are short-range craft," Trent noted. "She was ten days from the nearest jumpgate with only three days of food, air, and water. There was no way she could have survived unless the Vorlons
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