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her comment had been right on target.

Sheridan said, "How do you know about that part?"

Trent said, "IPX tracks every long-range ship that approaches the rim of explored space. We probably know more about what happened than you do."

Clearly, Trent was smugly in control of the situation, which was exactly how she liked to be. The degree of her self-satisfaction wasn't lost on Sheridan; he had a sneaking suspicion-accurate, as it so happened-that she was viewing this little moment as a bit of payback for their earlier discussion. In that instance, it had been Sheridan who was in charge. He'd had something that she'd wanted, and he'd driven a rather hard bargain while making sure she knew every step of the way that it was he, and only he, who was running the show.

Now, however, it was Trent who had the upper hand, for it appeared that she might have some insight into what was going on with Lyta. Sheridan couldn't help but wonder if she was going to take the opportunity to hold him up for the information... start spelling out the price it would cost him in order to learn vat she knew.

They looked at each other, and he saw amusement in her eyes. An amusement that seemed to say, Got you, Sheridan. You know it, and I know it... and in this case, the knowledge alone is satisfying enough for me. This one will be a freebie. But remember this moment next time you want to play Mr. Tough Negotiator, because in the future it could come back to bite you.

"According to our records," began Trent, "two years before the war between the Vorlons and the Shadows heated up, Lyta was on Mars, on the run from the Psi Corps. While there, she arranged to meet a starship captain, David Slayner."

Sheridan glanced at Ivanova and Zack, who shrugged. The name was news to them. Trent
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