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uncertainty. "That may be. But she knows where the camera is, and she knows we're watching. Look at her," and she pointed at Lyta's unwavering gaze. She paused a moment, and then said, "Is there another camera in there?"

Sheridan started to say, "Yes, but..."

"Humor me," requested Trent. "Switch to the alternate view."

Sheridan shrugged and touched his link. Instantly the angle on Lyta changed to a side view. And to the astonishment of all present-even Trent, who was more or less expecting it-Lyta immediately shifted her gaze from the previous view to the new camera position. She quickly realized that she'd erred, that tipping any observers that she was aware of being watched was probably not the most intelligent thing to do, so she returned her gaze to its previous position. But it was too late; her startling perception had already been witnessed by the observers in Sheridan's office.

"That's a neat trick," observed Zack.

Trent pointed at Lyta and said, "A low-rated commercial telepath can't sense electronics like that. Only a P9 or above can do that."

Ivanova shook her head. "Lyta's a P5."

"Yes, so you told me," said Trent. She came across to Sheridan like someone who had been privy to some secret knowledge, had known all along that Lyta might have greater capabilities than they'd been led to believe, and was now doing everything she could not to gloat over it. "But that rating was determined before she went to the Vorlon Homeworld, as you very well know."

Her words rang like a thunderclap through the office. Ivanova, Sheridan, and Zack glanced at each other as if to say, "Did you tell her?" If they'd considered trying to continue hiding the truth from Trent, they had no hope of succeeding. Their reactions to her little bombshell left no doubt that
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