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"Look, I'm really, really tired. Can I go now, or am I being placed under arrest?"

He hesitated a moment, and then said, "No ... no, you can go. But first let me give you something to help you sleep."

She nodded as he walked away to get her the medication. Thoughts, concerns, and fears were tumbling through her head. A sense of impending danger, imminent disaster that could present itself at any time, any place.

Then she looked up ... and frowned.

Lyta's face filled the monitor in Sheridan's office. She was staring straight up at the medlab security camera, her eyes narrowed, and dark suspicion clear on her face. In the office, Sheridan, Ivanova, Zack, and Trent were observing her.

Zack hadn't realized when Sheridan had come to talk to him that an emergency meeting in Sheridan's office was in the offing. Sheridan was simply being cautious; he'd recognized that the concern on Zack's face clearly went beyond simple, friendly concern for Lyta's well-being. And he'd been worried that, as a consequence, Zack's thoughts about Lyta would be a painfully open book that Lyta, were she so inclined, would be able to skim with no problem. So when he'd urged Zack to get some sleep, it had had a twofold purpose: to get Zack away from Medlab so that he could be privately briefed; and to try and put Lyta ever-so-slightly off guard, so that she would be more inclined to believe that she wasn't suspected of any wrongdoing.

But judging from the way Lyta was looking into the monitor, it seemed that all had not exactly gone as planned. Trent said with certainty, "She knows she's being watched."

'The security camera is carefully hidden," Sheridan pointed out, but even he was ninety percent convinced that, somehow, Lyta was on to them.

For Trent, there wasn't even the ten-percent
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