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Lyta how he wasn't bringing in the kind of salary the captain did. He nodded. "Well... you do what you gotta do, I guess," which really wasn't particularly relevant to anything, but he felt like he should say something.

"And what you've got to do is get some shut-eye. Lie down before you fall down."

"If it's ail the same to you, Captain..." Zack started to protest.

But Sheridan wasn't about to hear it. "Actually, it's not all the same to me, Mr. Allan. I don't need you keeling over during normal business hours because you were up all night watching Miss Alexander while she didn't need watching." He patted Zack on the shoulder. "I promise that you'll get a full update first thing in the morning... which isn't all that long from now, so grab some shut-eye while you can. That," he added, just to make sure Zack understood, "was not intended as a request."

Zack opened his mouth to protest once more, but then he closed it and nodded without saying a word. He glanced once more in Lyta's direction and then headed out. Sheridan paused long enough to exchange a glance with Franklin and then he left as well.

Franklin, for his part, checked his instruments once more and was disturbed to find that, even though this was the third time he'd looked the readings over, he couldn't find anything the least bit abnormal with Lyta. He did not for a minute want to believe that she was lying. But he wasn't finding anything physiological to explain her actions or to confirm that she had suffered a blackout, try as he might.

"And you don't remember anything since yesterday afternoon?"

Lyta shook her head. "No ... nothing."

He folded his arms and studied her with what he hoped wasn't overt skepticism. "Then how did you get into the maintbot control room?"

"I don't know,"
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