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at it, it was locked. "No problem," he muttered as he tapped a security override command into the keypad next to the door.

"Security override nonfunctional," the computer informed him.

"Problem," he said under his breath. He wasn't ecstatic about the idea of going in shooting. What if some innocent civilian was inside? But he didn't see any choice in the matter. He levelled his PPG and said, "Take it down."

The other guards unleashed their fire power upon the door. Within seconds they had blown it clear of the door frame. It slammed to the floor like a two-ton anvil, and the light from the hallway flooded the interior of the darkened room, giving the entire area a feeling of eeriness.

Zack didn't lower his PPG. Instead he kept it ready and remained alert for any possible problem as he stepped inside first, hoping that his eyes would adjust fast enough to the darkness and annoyed with himself that he hadn't grabbed some infrared or night-vision devices on his way down. "Lights," he said, but- to his lack of surprise-the computer didn't respond. The room remained darkened, save for a single hanging lamp that was swinging back and forth from the middle of the ceiling, still moving from the impact of the door being blasted inward.

Then he noticed something, or someone, apparently crouched in a corner of the room. For a moment the arc of light from the swinging lamp caught the corner, and Zack couldn't quite believe that he'd accurately seen what he'd thought he saw.

"Lyta... ?"

She moved her position ever so slightly, and this brought her more into the light from the corridor outside. Her new location made it easier for him to see her, which was also much more alarming, considering that she was sweating profusely and wearing an expression that made her a
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