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"Moving into position," Kuehler told Baldwin over in Fork-lift Two. Baldwin, a junior member and one of the newer members of the team, was eager to learn but continued to be somewhat sloppy on many of the basics. Kuehler thought that Baldwin had potential, but felt the need to stay on top of the kid and make sure that everything was checked and double-checked. Kuehler was far too blase about everything to ever be anything less than utterly methodical.

"Better check those struts, make sure they're ready to hold this thing," Kuehler warned him. "I don't want to mess with this twice."

"Roger that. Stand by," said Baldwin.

Kuehler lifted his hands away from the controls that were manipulating the front-mounted forklift so that he didn't accidentally bump them and perhaps run into something that he shouldn't. As he waited for Baldwin to double-check the support struts of the already-constructed section of the framework, something caught his eye. He wasn't entirely sure what was going on.

Three dozen of the maintenance 'bots had joined up with each other. Not a physical merge, but rather what appeared to be a bizarre sort of strategic merge. They had arranged themselves into a flying wedge formation. It was as if they had suddenly taken it into their heads that they were geese about to fly south for the winter.

Kuehler blinked several times to make sure that he wasn't imagining it. Nope. There they still were. "Hey Control? What's with the 'bots?" demanded Kuehler. He already had an open line to C&C-necessary, since Trent had promised Sheridan that she would keep him and his people apprised of every single move that was made in connection with the artifact. Kuehler had not quite understood the need to keep C&C on line every step of the way. Seemed
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