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hovered perilously close to Babylon 5, and the necessity of destroying it completely and utterly.

And that was something that she was more than prepared to do.

The IPX technicians were working in shifts around the clock. Absolutely no time was being wasted in the construction of the framework around the artifact. At that moment, a flying forklift was approaching the gargantuan object, although keeping a respectful distance. A flying forklift was really rather similar to a Starfury, but it was specially customized with loading and transportation forks that enabled it to move large pieces of equipment about. Forklift One, as it was designated, had a fairly substantial beam locked into its transport equipment, with heavy-duty front-mounted lights illuminating the path. Soon, very soon, the framework would be fully lit, and that would greatly facilitate its completion.

A number of maintenance 'bots hovered motionless in space nearby. At this particular stage, they were limited in what they could do. But very soon they'd be turned loose on the partly completed structure and would be able to finish within hours what it would take a team of Humans days to achieve.

The pilot of Forklift One was a heavy set, bearded man named Kuehler. He was a longtime IPX man, a shift leader. One of his greatest assets was that he wasn't impressed by anything. He realized in a distant sort of way that that was kind of sad, really. He became involved with so many fascinating things that would be considered awe-inspiring by others. To him, however, it was just a job. Routine stuff. His mental distance was a major plus for his job ... and was something of a minus on a personal level. Then again, since Kuehler more or less had no personal life, he didn't feel as if he was suffering from
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