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to haul the artifact in the direction of Babylon 5.

Word had begun to spread throughout the station, and people were finding whatever windows they could to gaze out in the direction of the jumpgate, to see for themselves this bizarre and fascinating new discovery. At first, all they saw were the Star-furies emerging from the jumpgate in record time-a record long time. It was something to witness, really. There were no ships more deft, more agile, or more nimble than the Starfuries, so it was unusual to see them deployed like so many tugboats hauling the ... the whatever-it-was.

From within the Babylon 5 sanctuary, Lyta Alexander was watching, as well. Anyone looking at her would have been hard-pressed to know what was going through her mind.

Lyta had been in an accident once.

It was back in the earliest days of her training in Psi Corps. There had been a hotshot telepath whose eye had fallen upon her, and he had wanted to do whatever he could to impress her. One day he had taken her out joyriding on a speeder of his. The autonav system had failed and the thing had crashed. He'd been killed instantly; she'd been hospitalized for two weeks.

The thing that she remembered most distinctly was how time had seemed to stretch out, almost to infinity. Faced with a disaster, something that really occurred within a moment had seemed subjectively to consume a far longer period. It was as if the laws of time and space had slowed down, just for her, giving her one final protracted moment of existence. Since that time, she'd spoken to other people who had been in similar situations, and they had described having the same sorts of experiences.

She felt as if she were living such a moment now.

The irony was that this historic event really was slowed down to a crawl.
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