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... and who knew when that would be? Steeling himself, he said, "Listen, Lyta... there's something I wanted to..."

And that was exactly the moment when the lights went out.

The transport came to a halt as the emergency lighting kicked in, providing them with a very modest, but nonetheless usable, illumination. They were little more than silhouettes to each other, but at least they could see something. "What the hell?" Zack said as he tapped his link. "Security to C and C."

"On line."

"Yeah, we got a power failure in Tube Nine. What's the story?"

There was what sounded like a knowing sigh from the techie in C&C. Zack had a feeling that he wasn't the only one registering a complaint. "We've been having power fluctuations for the past couple of hours. We'll get it back on ASAP. Just be a minute."

Zack nodded and toggled off the link. "Just be a minute," he said to Lyta, on the off-chance that she'd gone stone deaf in the past forty-five seconds and hadn't been able to hear his conversation.

They stood there in silence that was so complete he thought he could hear his heart beating, and hers for that matter, and Zack couldn't help but wish that Lyta was facing him down holding a PPG on him. Were that the case, he'd know what to do. That'd be easy. But just looking at her standing there ...

... And he grabbed her and kissed her passionately....

... And he grabbed at her and she slapped him-----

... And he thought such powerful, romantic thoughts that she picked up on it, turned to him and jumped into his arms, her hands pulling at his uniform and doing things....

He cleared his throat loudly, embarrassed by everything that was going through his mind and hoping to hell that she didn yt track what he was thinking. He suddenly began to glom onto
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