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made a big mistake, and you wasted my time. And I wasted my money, booking passage out here."

"Send me the bill," Alex shot back, and for the first time he started to feel anger and impatience building in him. " 'Survival,' Sheila? Is that what it's all about? Is that the only thing that matters? Survival is the fundamental instinct of all living things, Sheila. It doesn't take any great thinker, any deep philosopher, just to survive. Cockroaches, they're survivors. Scientists say the cockroaches will outlast us all. Good for them. They'll still be around when we're long-forgotten piles of dust, but you know what? They'll still be cockroaches. You want to be a cockroach, Sheila? Fine."

"I came out here on your say-so, Al," Sheila countered sharply. "Came out here, without asking questions, because you asked me to. I'd like to think that, for that show of faith at least, I deserve a little better than to be insulted."

"Yeah, you do," he agreed. "You know what else? Tons of people deserve better than they wind up getting. And believe it or not, at this particular point in time, I happen to think that Leo Rosen falls into that category. He was a weak and unhappy man, Sheila. He thought that marrying you, he'd be happy. But his own basic unhappiness as a person made that impossible. I'm sorry that you had to suffer for it..."

"As did you."

"As did I," he admitted. "But we both know that was a long time ago, and maybe, just maybe, it's time to forgive. And maybe-again, just maybe-you're capable of providing that forgiveness."

"And what am I supposed to do?" she said in exasperation. "Fall in love with him again? Marry him? Hold him when he dies?"

"I don't know!" said the frustrated Alex. "Maybe, first of all, you get together with him! That's all! Just get
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