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two times I got married after that, I stood there and said, Till death do us part,' but I didn't mean it. Not really, not deep down. My marriages were doomed going in because of him. He wrecked my life, and now you sit there and tell me he's dying and I'm supposed to feel ... what? Sorry for him? Remorse? Dwell on what might have been?" She shook her head. "What's the point?"

"The point is... he's realized he was wrong." As quickly as he could, he laid out for her what had happened with the meeting that Lyta Alexander had overseen. As he described it, he watched her face for any hint of what was going through her mind. He would have killed to have the telepath back, screening Sheila's mind and telling him, Alex, what Sheila was thinking. Of course he knew that no Teep would act in such a way, but even so, he could dream. And he certainly wasn't picking up anything from Sheila by himself. She was positively stony faced, without the slightest crack in her demeanor.

"So now he's realized he's thrown away his life," Sheila said when Alex had finished, "and he's trying to make amends for it?"

"All I know is, I know he'd like to see you. To try and make things right."

"There are plenty of things he could do to make things right, but unfortunately, all of them require a time machine."

"Sheila," and he shook his head, "this isn't you. So unforgiving, so bitter."

"I made myself over, Al," she told him. "Made myself into someone who could live with Mr. Leo Rosen. Who could survive his accusations, his bad-mouthing, his distrust, and not feel like there was something wrong with her. That person, the one you're talking to right now, doesn't have much room in her for forgiveness. She's too busy surviving. If this is what you brought me out here for, Al, then you've
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