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to worry about it, is what I think," Alex replied. "This business will work itself out in some way or another, as these things always do."

She knew better than to argue with him. "So what's the big mystery you wanted to see me about? You said it was important."

"It is. But not here. Come on." He slid his arm through hers and, within a few minutes, guided her to the temporary quarters he'd rented. He hadn't been intending to hang around on B5 any longer than necessary, but once he'd made the decision to stay, he'd found himself some reasonably small, fairly inexpensive quarters. He was relieved that he'd done so when he had; with the barrage of IPX people rolling in, in seemingly endless numbers, he thought that space would wind up being at a premium on the station.

She sat on the edge of the bed, and he pulled over the one chair in the room and sat opposite her. He took her hand in his and said without preamble, "It's Leo."

"What's Leo?" she said blankly.

"He's..." There was no way to say it but straight out. "He's dying."

There was no hint of hesitation in her voice. "So?" said Sheila.

"So?" He couldn't quite believe what he'd heard. "Sheila... he was your husband...."

"He was three husbands ago, Al."

"How can you not care?"

She released her hand and stared at him with all the deep passion of a dead fish. "Al... he was my first, and he would have been my only. When I married him, I believed in forever, you know? I believed in every single thing that the vows said, Till death do us part' ... everything. And he ruined that for me. He destroyed my love for him, Al, and that took a hell of a lot of doing on his part. But that wasn't the only thing he destroyed. After him ... I never believed in 'forever' again. He took that away from me, Al. The
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