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you needed to work out. So, Al... what's all the mystery? Why did you want to see me? And why here?" and she looked around at Babylon 5 in confusion and concern. "Do you have any idea of the reputation this place has? If I were still on Earth, I couldn't get here, period. Fortunately, my colony on Epsilon 3 is beyond the embargo line that President Clark has set up." She lowered her voice in concern. "Has this ... this Sheridan done something to you? Is he threatening you or something?"

Alex tried not to laugh. "Sheridan? I haven't even seen him. As if a busy man like him has time to waste with a pisher like me. Why would he threaten me?"

"I don't know. No one knows why he does anything he does. They say he's crazy and that Minbari are controlling his..."

She paused a moment as a Minbari walked by. He had a gentle, pleasant face, and he nodded to her in acknowledgment. She looked away from him very quickly. Lennier sensed her fear and didn't quite understand the reason for it, but he allowed it to roll off him. If there was one thing that he had learned in his time on Babylon 5, serving as aide to Delenn, it was that he should not dwell overlong on some of the more unusual Human reactions he saw.

"That Minbari are controlling his mind," she finished in a whisper.

"And how are they doing that?" Al asked with amusement. He'd forgotten how charmingly gullible Sheila could be.

"Those things they have on their head," and she made a gesture that was supposed to be evocative of the bone crest which encircled the back of a Minbari's skull. "Those little projections from the top are where the telepathic beams come out..."

And he laughed, unable to contain it anymore. "Ahhh, Sheila, I've missed you."

"What... you think it's not true?"

"I think I'm not going
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