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never seen such insanity in her life. It took her forever to get through customs, because the place was a mob scene what with technicians of all sorts, all wearing the same uniforms, coming through in all directions and tying up the customs officials. And they were all loaded down with all manner of luggage. By the time she staggered through, clutching her hastily packed overnight bag, she was completely exhausted. She heard her name called out but was barely able to focus on the origin.

Alex came toward her, his arms open wide to her. She had to admit, he looked damned good, even after all this time. Then again, she was no slouch either. She had worked hard to keep her body firm and young looking. She had also wrestled with the decision of what to do with her hair as the grey had set in, but she had finally decided to let the color go the way that nature dictated. Ultimately it was a wise choice, for the contrast between her grey-streaked black hair and her very youthful figure was quite a striking one.

"There he is, Mister Mysterious," she said as his strong arms folded around her. She kissed him lightly on the cheek.

He stepped back, held her at arm's length, and said, "Look at you! You look sensational!"

"I know. Five miles every day, I walk." She affectionately slapped the paunch that was building around his middle. "You could stand to put in some exercise yourself, Al."

"I prefer walking the road of intellectual pursuits," he replied archly.

She laughed, and he realized he'd forgotten what a terrific laugh she had. He slipped an arm around her waist, graciously sliding her bag off her shoulder and hefting it onto his own. To his surprise he lurched slightly under the weight. "Oh, good, you remembered to bring your anvil," he commented.

"Told you
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