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the blind leading the blind that Ivanova had ever seen.

Her frustration grew exponentially as she kept looking for someplace to stand where she wouldn't be in the way. She was spectacularly unsuccessful in accomplishing that. No matter where she stood, no matter which way she turned, she suddenly found herself blocking someone's path. Shouts of "Watch your back!" and "Watch your head!" abounded. She mused over the physical impossibility of accomplishing either suggestion, and realized that the response which came most readily to her lips involved an even more impossible physical act.

But she restrained herself. Shouting at newcomers, letting her frustration and impatience with this... this thundering horde stampeding through her station.., was not going to solve anything. At least, not in the long term. In the short term, however, the thought of venting some of her frustration was beginning to look pretty good. But she had to put aside such thoughts in the interest of continued harmony, peace, and sanity.

So instead Ivanova endeavored to act as a sort of desperate traffic cop. Having had enough of standing there and watching people moving helter-skelter throughout the cargo bay, apparently setting out in whatever direction struck their fancy at any given moment, Ivanova began calling out instructions to whomever would listen to her. Unfortunately, as she quickly discovered, the number of people who actually would listen to her was depressingly small.

"I'd appreciate it if you'd keep this whole area clear!" she called out. But she wasn't quite sure to whom she was actually talking. It was more of a general all-purpose announcement, and since everyone within earshot figured that she was talking to someone else, they all ignored her.

She saw a stack of precariously
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