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appraised the office. He wondered briefly which one-the office or him-she considered more worthwhile. She was wearing a light brown pantsuit that was quite attractive. "Ah, Captain," she said, sticking out a hand as she approached him. "Dr. Elizabeth Trent, Field Coordinator for Interplanetary Expeditions. It's a pleasure to meet you."

He shook her hand, and was momentarily surprised by the strength of her grip, considering that she was a head shorter than he. He moved around to his desk, and replied, "Well, it's certainly a surprise to meetyow. In case you hadn't heard, we're on President Clark's quarantine list. No ship from Earth is allowed to dock at Babylon 5."

She shrugged in a manner that indicated she was indifferent to the desires of President Clark. That automatically earned brownie points with Sheridan. It also added some finesse when

Trent countered Sheridan's indication that she should sit opposite him at his desk by pointing instead toward the more comfortable-looking sofa and chairs situated toward the back of the office. Sheridan didn't generally like to discuss hard-core business in that section, reserving the area mainly for off-the-record, relaxed chats with long-time associates. Trent, however, didn't particularly seem to care to what use Sheridan put his furniture. Instead she headed straight for the sofa, leaving Sheridan standing next to his desk with no one to talk to.

"We're aware of the embargo," she assured him in a tone that verified his belief that she couldn't give a damn about Clark's policies. Perhaps she was, in fact, a rabid Clark supporter and was just trying to get on his good side. If so, well ... it was working to some degree. "But IPX is ... a special case."

Trent gestured to the couch as if Sheridan actually still had
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