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She approached him with a knowing smile. He saw the expression on her face, and he found it just a bit disconcerting that she knew him so well. It was as if he had a small window in his forehead that she was able to peer through and see exactly what was going through his mind. "May I assume," she said in a tone that was gently teasing, "that this has nothing to do with you wanting to be first to unlock whatever secrets this thing brings with it?"

"Me?" Sheridan said with as much indignation as he could muster. "When have you ever known me to have a personal agenda?"

And now Delenn made no effort at all to hide her amusement, as she pressed her advantage. "John ... any time something comes into our proximity that has to do with the unknown, your eyes light up like two tiny suns. And do you know what these tiny lights spell out?"

In spite of himself, he was curious. "What?"

"Mine," she said with a voice like an impatient ten-year-old, and continued in a faster and even more childish voice, "Mine, mine, mine, mine."

Sheridan said, "That's a lie."

"Minbari do not lie," she told him archly.

"Then it's slander."

She shook her head. "To be slander, it must be false. That's two down."

"Then it's ... it's ..." He racked his brains for something that best summarized what was going through his mind. Finally, although he hated to settle on it, he reluctantly admitted, "it's ... damned inconvenient."

"The truth always is." And with that, she smiled and kissed him with tenderness before heading out of the room. He stared after her.

He knew that she had said these things with love and genuine affection. There had been no heat, no scolding in her tone. But still... he didn't particularly like the way he came across in that description. He sounded almost
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