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to Sheridan and said, "and you trust her," and then he motioned his arms to encompass the entire room. "And I trust both of you.... I'm the trusting sort, always have been, ever since I was ..." He motioned towards the floor to indicate a young age, and then realized that-as he was wont to do-he was going a bit off track. With effort he brought himself back to the matter at hand. "But the others don't trust anyone when it comes to money."

"Would you like me to speak to them?" Delenn asked.

Vir sighed. "Speaking is not the problem; listening, that's the problem. Still, I'll see what I can do." Vir rose from the table, bobbing his head in automatic deference, and then he headed out. It sounded to Sheridan as if Vir was talking softly to himself, rehearsing whatever it was he was going to say to the members of the League.

"Perhaps Vir is right," admitted Delenn. "No matter how much we reassure them, the other races are always going to think we're holding something back."

"I know ... but we can't take the chance." He rose, tapping the table with the knuckle of his forefinger. "You know as well as I do that they'll just start grabbing stuff up as soon as they get there." Sheridan was trying to find a way around it, thinking out loud, but he didn't like the answers he was coming up with. "And if they think someone else will get some new weapon before they can, they'll sabotage it, blow it up." He shook his head. "No, there's no other way."

But Delenn wasn't quite as quick to dismiss the notion as Sheridan. "They may have resources that could be useful. Babylon Five is a diplomatic station, a free port, not a research facility. We have no archaeologists, no experts in alien technology..."

"I know. So, it'll take us a little longer, that's all. But we'll get there.
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