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it comes to financial matters, the League always expects the Centauri to speak on their behalf, so..."

"It's all right, Vir," Sheridan said consolingly. "What is it?"

Vir took a deep breath and said, "The... artifact you brought back from hyperspace. The others would like to know what it is."

Sheridan said, "Then we have something in common. We'd like to know that for ourselves. But it'll take us awhile to figure that out. All we know is that it's very old. What it is, what it does, your guess is as good as mine."

Vir bobbed his head, taking it all in. There was always the chance that Sheridan was withholding information, but he seriously doubted that was the case. Sheridan ran the station, after all. He could just as easily have said, "We know what it is, but it's classified. Sorry." And that would have been that. It would have been slightly more confrontational, but John Sheridan was not noted as someone who had problems with confrontations.

"In that case," asked Vir, "can they take part in examining the artifact?"

Sheridan shook his head. "Not at this time, no."

Obviously, that had not been the answer that Vir was hoping for, but before he could follow up, Delenn said, "Vir, we understand their interest. The race that created this artifact must have been extremely advanced, and there may be some valuable technology inside. But if everyone starts pulling at it at once, nothing will get done."

Sheridan nodded in agreement. "Delenn and I discussed this earlier, and we agreed that anything we find will be shared with everyone in the League of Non-Aligned Worlds."

Vir began to talk quickly in that way he had when he felt really nervous about what he was going to say. "That's all well and good, because you trust him," he said to Delenn, and he turned
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