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would go to her grave a happy woman, that she was not only anxious to see Leo but had, in fact, never gotten over him.

He did not envy himself the task.

Sheridan drummed his fingers impatiently on his armrest as the shuttle from the White Star approached Babylon 5's docking area. He wished that he could somehow will it to move faster while still remaining within the safety limits.

From where he was sitting, he was able to see the jumpgate, and likewise applied that same force of will to try and get Ivanova, along with her find, to emerge from within. Unfortunately he had about as much luck with that will-fueled attempt as he had with the first one.

When his ship docked, he moved through customs with his usual briskness. The customs agents waved him through, and he made a mental note that they shouldn't really do that. The presence of someone impersonating B5's commanding officer wasn't unprecedented in the station's history, and someone looking like Sheridan shouldn't be exempt from grilling at customs, any more so than anyone else. Still, at the moment, the captain decided to take advantage of the perk because he was, indeed, in one hellacious hurry.

As he emerged from the customs area, Corwin was waiting for him. "Any word from Ivanova?" Sheridan asked without preamble.

"She's about to come through the gate."

Sheridan felt a small burst of relief. Whenever anyone endeavored to do something the least bit tricky with hyperspace, there were risks involved... and this one seemed to pose more dangers than most. Still, his relief was tinged with apprehension. "I thought she'd be here by now."

Corwin shook his head. "We're having to move the struts of the jumpgate far enough apart to allow the artifact through."

Sheridan hadn't stopped moving, but this

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