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ago, Leo," Alex told him. "She's changed a lot since then. About ten years ago, she decided she wanted to get out, get away. Took additional courses, took training. She's quite a woman, Sheila is."

"I know. And I let her go. I pushed her away ... drove her away," said Leo, as much to himself as to Alex.

And Alex, to his own surprise as much as anyone else's, rested a hand on his brother's forearm. "If you want to sit here and feel sorry for yourself, then tell me right now and I'll leave you to your unhappiness. On the other hand, if you want to try and make your remaining time-a year, two years, however, long you've got-if you want to make that meaningful, then Fll help you. What's it going to be, Leo?"

Leo stared at his brother for a long moment, and then he turned and called across the Zocalo. "Waiter! A scotch and soda for my brother!"

Nodding approvingly, Alex clapped Leo on the arm, then rose and headed out to find a Babcom station, his work cut out for him. Because he was going to have to convince Sheila, who had made it quite clear to him that if she died without ever seeing Leo Rosen again, she

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