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point this ... whatever it is,"

Ivanova said, for lack of a better way to refer to it,"... is inactive. I'd say it's safe enough, as long as we're careful with it once we have it there. If we proceed with caution, we should be fine. If I thought I was endangering the station, I'd never even suggest bringing it back."

"I'm more than aware of that, Commander," said Sheridan. "I will trust your judgment... and give in to my own insatiable curiosity. I assume the Starfuries are ready to go?"

"By this point, I would think so," she replied.

"All right, then. But for God's sake, be careful."

"If it's all the same to you, Captain, I'll be careful for our sakes. I think God can watch out for Himself."

And so, with a quip and misplaced confidence, the forces of Babylon 5 set about dragging doom to within an easy and convenient striking distance.

Chapter 5

When Alex Rosen passed once more through the Zocalo, he was surprised-although not too surprised-to see Leo still sitting there, right where he'd left him. Leo was still muttering to himself, still shaking his head, looking like a man in shock. The only thing that had changed was that there were significantly more drinks on the table in front of him.

Alex had felt nothing but contempt for Leo for years. A man so driven by insecurities, a man so eaten up by personal demons, that he had had everything and couldn't accept it. A loving wife, a supportive family, and he had driven them all away. The terminal illness he had developed was simply his body catching up to the sickness which had seized his mind so long ago. He'd been terminal for ages, really. It had just taken his body a while to realize it.

But still... even so ... even so ...

He recalled a time when he and Leo were young and fighting
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