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a potentially dangerous object to the doorstep of Babylon 5, he didn't sound it. "How many Starfuries do you want?"

She gave it some thought, contemplating the size of the thing.

Ultimately, she realized there was really only one reasonable answer.

"All of them." But then her mind turned in the direction of what she was intending to do, and she realized the inherent risks involved. "Patch me through to the Captain on the White Starr

She hung there for a short time until Sheridan came on line, and she described for him what it was that they had found. At least, described it in the best terms she could. It wasn't easy, though.

Sheridan took it all in and replied, "In your opinion it could pose a threat to the station."

"It might," she admitted. "There doesn't seem to be any sign of life at the moment. Considering the period of time it's likely been floating here, and its probable age..." She shook her head. "I'm sorry, Captain, I couldn't even begin to hazard a guess. Dead station, failed artificial colony ..."

"Or a bomb big enough to blow us up five generations back," returned Sheridan.

She smiled grimly, which was usually the only way she smiled. "In my instance, it would save my family a lot of aggravation."

"But if we leave it alone... abandon it..." continued Sheridan, as if he were thinking out loud. "Then the odds are we never find it again ... and perhaps someone else does."

"And if it is a weapon, then we could find ourselves staring down its throat one day," she suggested. "But actually, that is 4if' it's a more benign find, something left over from an ancient race, with answers to ... to ..."



"Hell of a thing to pass up," said Sheridan. "And a hell of a risk to take."

"For what it's worth, at this
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