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when theorists stated that the entire Solar System orbited Earth, to more recent times when a smug Humanity decided to go head-to-head with the Minbari and in the process almost wound up becoming deader than dinosaurs. In short, it behooved the Human race to keep a certain amount of awareness of its station bound tightly around itself like a cloak.

Ivanova decided, at that moment, that all humanity would have to do was take one look at this ... this thing that loomed before them ... and there would never again be the slightest impulse to believe that they were the be-all and end-all of... well, anything.

For as she stared at the artifact, she felt any number of emotions tumbling through her, but she realized that the most prominent one was an overwhelming sense of humility.

Followed closely by fear. Fear and humility, that was definitely it.

No ... fear was preeminent.

That, however, was unacceptable. She was looking at a find of tremendous historical interest and importance, and fear was simply not an option. She pushed it aside with equal amounts of determination and bravado, and then she toggled her com system, patching herself directly to Babylon 5. "Delta Leader to Babylon Control."

The voice of Corwin came back at her. She'd never had much patience for him, feeling him an adequate officer at best, but in this instance the sheer familiarity of his voice was comforting. "C and C, on line."

"We're going to launch a salvage operation," said Ivanova without preamble. "We'll need at least five White Stars and some Starfuries. Make sure they're armed and running weapons hot, this thing could be dangerous."

"Confirmed," said Corwin. If there was any hesitancy on his part over the prospect of launching a salvage operation for the purpose of dragging
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