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hostility and see if the headache subsided. "For your information," she said, forcing herself to get back to business, "this won't be a deep scan. I'll be looking only at surface thoughts. You will answer yes or no to the questions and I will determine if you are telling the truth or not. Do you have any questions?"

"Questions?" Alex shrugged once more. His confidence was driving his brother to the brink, because it meant either that he had nothing to hide, or that he didn't really believe that Lyta would be able to get to the truth of the matter.

That would be just like him, Leo thought. So confident in himself, so much of a smart guy who knows everything about everything. Ohhh, he couldn't wait to strip away that facade of superiority.

"No, no, no questions," Alex continued, and he gestured toward his brother. "Leo is the one with all the questions. So go or), Leo, ask."

Leo rubbed his hands together briskly, like a confident craps player feeling hot as he prepared to roll dice. "All right... now we'll finally get the truth. I've been waiting a long time for this."

[... long time... long time...

... And she is there, Lyta is there, hyperspace swirling around her, and there is something there that has been waiting for a very, very long time. But the wait will soon be over, and it must be stopped, for there is danger. Remember the danger, for we have never forgotten.. .for it has been waiting... waiting for...]

"Twenty years!"

"Twenty years," Lyta repeated to herself in confusion, very softly. No ... no that didn't seem right, it hadn't been twenty years, it had been ...

What hadn't been?

Her head was pounding, and the Zocalo seemed in the process of righting itself after having tilted at an abrupt angle. And she heard Leo saying loudly, "Twenty
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