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at his brother and continued, "Him you can call Mr. Rosen. A very unfriendly man once you get to know him."

It was an assessment that Lyta had already made, but she wasn't about to say so. "Alex... your brother said you've agreed to a telepathic scan, but under Psi Corps regulations I still need to confirm this."

"Fine, fine, I confirm," Alex said with the air of a man who had nothing to hide. It was an attitude that had always driven Leo insane, because he knew ... he knew ... just what it was that Alex had to hide. Alex pointed at his brother and said, "But I'm only doing this because he's sick. Well, supposed to be sick." He leaned forward and added, "You're looking very good for a sick man."

Leo simply sat there, shaking his head and looking at Alex's smug smile. His desire to wipe that smile off his brother's face was so palpable that one didn't have to be a telepath to sense it.

But Alex's attention was drawn from his brother for a moment as he studied Lyta. Her color had faded, and she seemed distracted. "You, however, do not look so well. Are you all right?"

"Fine... fine, just a headache." She tried to seem casual, re-focusing on the job at hand. She looked in Leo's direction to try and get her bearings.

Alex saw where she was looking and misinterpreted the reason. "I sympathize," he clucked. "Whatever he's paying you, it's not enough."

"Alex..." Leo said warningly.

Putting up his hands in a pronounced display of innocence, Alex protested, "I'm not saying anything!"

She wondered whether she was being oversensitive. Maybe it was the completely uncontained hostility between the two men that was contributing to her discomfort. There was only one way to be sure, and that was to try and wrap this up as quickly as possible. Get away from the
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