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every day in a disappointed fog. She found it difficult to focus on the mundane, day-to-day business of survival. When one had walked in the path of gods, there was little joy in slogging through the mud.

Nonetheless, she forced herself on this day-a typical one, or so she thought, not understanding that the first hint of the coming horror was about to insinuate itself into her life-to try and focus on matters at hand. In this case, the specific matter involved the two men who were seated in the Babylon 5 nightclub known as the Zocalo, glaring at each other across a table. Actually, only one of them, the younger one, was glaring. The older one was staring off into space looking bored, every so often tossing an impatient glance in the direction of the other.

The resemblance between the two men would have been obvious to anyone, even if they hadn't known the two men were brothers. The younger had thinning brown hair, a square jaw, and a gaze so intense that it seemed as if he were looking straight through his older brother's head and through the bulkhead into the depths of space. His name was Leo Rosen, and his older brother, Alex-same thinning hair, but pure white- was clearly the image of what Leo was going to look like in ten years, were Leo going to live that long.

Which, as happenstance had it, he was not. And that was the very matter that had wound up bringing the two brothers together, and had also resulted in Lyta's being hired by Leo Rosen to settle a question that had dominated his life.

Lyta didn't particularly care about Leo Rosen's life, nor the importance that he had attached to the interview that was about to occur. She cared about two things and two things only: the money that this job would give her, enabling her to stave off creditors for a little
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