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hears about this," he added after a moment's thought. "If we can make the Raiders worry that every valuable cargo might be another mousetrap, it'll help discourage them from hitting more ships bound for Babylon 5. With this embargo against the station, we need every supply ship we can get."

She made no endeavor to hide her disappointment. She particularly wanted to meet that one snotty Raider and rub his nose in his own former smugness. "So basically, I should take my cheese and go home, is that it?"

"Affirmative, Commander. You got them to risk exposing the battlewagon they've been using as a base. Now you're entitled to some rest."

Ivanova was positive she heard a low moan that sounded suspiciously like the Raider who'd just surrendered. It was one thing to suddenly find oneself faced with unexpected offensive forces. To realize that one had been set up from the beginning and never had a chance, well... that hurt. Knowing she was going to have to settle for whatever satisfaction she could garner from that, Ivanova said, "All right, we'll see you back at the barn. Let's go, Delta Squadron, we've got a long way to the nearest jump gate. Maximum burn."

The Starfuries followed as she angled away from the scene of their triumph, not yet realizing that she was heading toward still another situation-one that would prove not only less than triumphant, but to have the potential to turn into a defeat of cosmic proportions.

And tomorrow's boom loomed far closer than even the dour Ivanova could possibly have suspected.

Chapter 3

Not a day passed that Lyta Alexander did not think of the Vorlons.

They had been her light, they had been her life. When Babylon 5 had found itself caught in the middle of the Shadow War, and Lyta had found herself as one of
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