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flared into existence, and leaping out of them came several White Star vessels. The White Stars were Minbari vessels that were utterly at the disposal of the elite Minbari-trained fighting force known as the Rangers. The Raiders, particularly those aboard the mother ship, couldn't believe what they were seeing. The vessels looked far too small to be capable of carrying the massive engines required for the formation of jump points, yet here they were. The perfect battle machines, the sleek, hawk-like White Stars were already firing even as they shot out of hyperspace and squarely into the midst of the confrontation.

The Raiders' mother ship, on the other hand, was big and bulky, as was normally required for ships equipped with jump point engines. And it was totally unprepared for getting out of the way of the White Stars, try as it might. The White Stars peppered the mother ship with concentrated bursts and salvos, targeting the engines first, so that the vessel couldn't run. Next they targeted the mother ship's weapons facilities, and those quickly fell beneath the assault of the Minbari ships.

There was a momentary lull in the barrage, and the White Stars began to converge menacingly around the remaining Raiders. The mother ship was helpless, no longer even able to maneuver on its own, much less create a jump point and escape into the relative safety of hyperspace. Ivanova, in a burst of self-restraint, opted not to say "nyaah nyaah" over her communications band.

And then, seconds later, the familiar voice of John Sheridan came over not only her comm links, but those of the Raiders as well.

"This is the White Star fleet to raiding party," Sheridan said, never more sanguine than when he knew he held all the cards. "We've just cut off your means of escape and
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