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Raiders simply vanished from consideration.

Ivanova knew that now was the time to try and put an end to this, while there was still some flickering light left from the flaming remains of the destroyed Raider vessels. "Commander Ivanova to raiding party. We're too evenly matched, you can't win." At that, she was being gracious. If she hit the Raiders with the indisputable fact that their fight was hopeless, they might just be perverse, arrogant, or stubborn enough to respond with useless bravado and a determination to fight to the last man. It was hardly in the best interest of profit, but Ivanova had learned never to underestimate the stupidity that pride could generate. "I suggest you surrender or withdraw before you're destroyed."

It would have been too much to hope for, she supposed, that they would go for that. And she was promptly rewarded by the sharp and rather arrogant retort from the apparent leader of her opponents. "Not a chance," came the harsh and somewhat guttural-sounding reply. "We know there's Quantium 40 aboard that ship. That stuff's going for millions of credits an ounce... and we're not leaving here without it."

There was something to be said for his dedication. If only he weren't a thieving slimeball, he might actually have been of some use to the cause. Ah, well. "Tough," said Ivanova, not exactly exuding gobs of sympathy. "You're not getting it."

His voice turned wheedling. "We could make a deal... give you a piece of the action..."

Her opinion of him dropped even lower than it already had been, which was impressive. What did he think, she was bone stupid? As if she would be defending the damned transport if she was interested in stealing from it. For that matter, as if she would be ignorant enough to turn around and trust a thief.
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