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her blessings, as few as they were. If the Starfuries had been going up against EarthForce vessels, the Earth ships would likely be perfectly happy to just blow the transport to kingdom come. The goal, after all, would have been to stop materials from reaching Babylon 5, period, and the transport-because of its size and lack of maneuverability-would have been the perfect target, no matter how many Starfuries were swarming around it protectively. These, however, were Raiders, determined to board the transport with as minimal damage to her as possible, the better to obtain the cargo intact. Consequently they were keeping their shots as much away from the transport as they could, instead engaging the Starfuries in single combat. And considering that the Starfuries presently outnumbered the Raiders, it put the advantage solidly on the side of Ivanova and her squadron.

As near as she could tell, all of the attacking pilots were Humans. For some reason, she took personal umbrage over that. If it had been alien invaders ... well, okay, it's aliens, with their own priorities and concerns. But when it was Humans on the attack, well, hell... she couldn't help but take it personally. It added to her overall sense of being beleaguered. All the forces of Earth were arrayed against them. She couldn't help but wonder if the only Humans on her side were those who were residents- however unwilling, in some cases-of Babylon 5. Weren't there any Humans who were simply outside observers, and just the least bit willing to cut B5 any slack at all?

The old axiom went through her mind: Just because you're paranoid doesn't mean that everyone isn 't out to get you.

It wasn't just her, of course, as-out of the corner of her eye- she saw several Raiders angling in toward one of her wingmen.
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