Яппаньки вам,уважаем(ый)(ая)(ое)!

We, and all those like us. Those whom you cannot imagine, whom you dare not imagine. We will love you and take you to us, and we will consume you utterly. And you will know joy such as you can never have imagined; the joy of full and complete truth, the joy of knowing what truly lurks within the dark. For light is simple and stark, and is opposed to the imagination. Only in the darkness can the truth of untruth thrive.

Lyta heard all this and did not pretend to understand it. She did not want to. For with the darkness came the cold, and it frightened her, shaking her to her soul. And something was tasting her soul, caressing it with limbs supple and wet and terrifying.

She found the strength one last time and wiped clean the window. She would die now, but she would die looking to the light.

It called to her again. Look at all the darkness. Look at how much more there is, compared to the light. Have you never heard that the majority rules? The darkness is in the majority, by far. The darkness rules. Be ours. Be ours.

She opened her mouth once more, but she could not speak. She replied instead with her mind, to what may indeed have been her own mind.

I will be mine... and theirs... not yours... never yours....

The stars began to grow larger, prepared to engulf her.

No... not all of the stars ... just some of them...

... A handful...

They were approaching her, the light coming to her even as the life light within her flickered on the brink of being extinguished.

Her eyes went wide. They are perfect... so perfect....

... And she realized that she had not simply sought warmth, and knowledge, and a need to know more of that which she had only begun to experience. She had sought perfection.

I've found it, she said to herself, as the light converged
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