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ever so slightly, pulling back the curtain behind which it hides, peering out at us with its many eyes as if to say, I will always be with you, you can never lose me, and sooner or later, I will come back to you, for I have all the time in the universe. I am my own beginning and my own end, and you who have pretensions to greatness will quail and quake before true greatness. You will gasp in horror and amazement, be simultaneously drawn and repulsed, and will know my puissance and glory, and it will be the last thing you ever know. And we awake, covered with sweat, shaking, and its during those moments that we look around our bedrooms and see the shadows creeping about. And for an instant the shadows seem alive. We turn on the light and the shadows evaporate, and the world seems safe once more.

We believe that there is truth in the light. We lie to ourselves in order to preserve our sanity, for the truth is that sometimes there is more truth in darkness than in light. For what lurks there is not afraid of the light: It simply will not reveal itself to us until it can do so on its own terms, in its own time.

And the time will come. A very specific time, at a very specific place.

And the name of the place will be Babylon 5...

It was many months before the incident that would spell the end to all life in the galaxy.

She did not know of that, of course. Babylon 5 was a part of her past, not her future, and the incident would occur there. The incident, which would result in chaos, death, and potentially the end of everything that is, would be sparked by curiosity- a trait whose legendary effects on felines would be overlooked in favor of the sort of progressive scientific curiosity which unleashed upon the human race such niceties as pollution, nuclear holocaust,
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