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their profiles, the pride he saw there made him believe that they, too, would fulfill their promise. The ceremonies were being piped through the com system throughout the ship, and as President Santiago took his turn as the final speaker, they all listened.

"This has been a historic day, and I am honored to close these ceremonies with the dedication of Babylon 5. Dedication is an interesting word. We have faced many adversities in the building of this place. Forces surround us in opposition to this cause: forces within the universe, and forces within ourselves; forces from the past, and forces of the future. But we have not given up. We have remained dedicated to its cause. And it is this dedication, I believe, that has created this shining beacon in space, and this dedication that will lead to the fulfillment of its cause. We cannot allow this dedication to falter, even for a moment to lose sight of our better natures, for we stand at a crossroads in history, and our actions now will light us down in honor or dishonor to the last generation. We must remain dedicated to this station and its promise, for Babylon 5 is our last, best hope for peace.

"John gave an astonished smile as he recognized the quote from Lincoln, his favorite president."

"It is with this belief that I hereby dedicate this station, this hope, Babylon 5, to peace."

The crew broke out in applause. John felt so proud to be a part of this, to be a part of Earth-force. The moment seemed infinitely precious, and momentous. He wished Anna were here to be a part of this, a part of history with him.

"Captain," the communications officer said.

"General Lochschmanan on Gold Channel."

Odd that he would call now, John thought. The Agamemnon was scheduled for repairs.

"Put him through."

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