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Kosh directed the ship to look inside the Earth vessel. It was empty of life. The ship was quiet, puzzled. Kosh waited. The vessel continued a short distance, then, with a series of bright sparks, exploded in the silence of space. Fragments tumbled away into the darkness. He broke the silence.

"The avalanche begins."

Kosh directed the ship onto a new course, and with a joyful song it spread its petals and sped ahead. Now he could leave. Now he could go to Babylon 5. Jeff felt the muscles at the back of his neck relax as Ambassador Delenn approached the reception line. Since Ambassador Kosh had sent word that he would not make it in time for the dedication ceremony, Jeff had begun to worry that the whole ceremony would disintegrate before his eyes. Delenn's ship had not been expected until the last moment, and even though he'd been informed of her arrival a few minutes ago, he hadn't known whether she would come to the ceremony or not, considering their last conversation. Without her or Kosh, the ceremony would be little more than empty posturing. With her, it might truly mean something. He, Garibaldi, and the rest of the security staff had finally, for one precious moment, gotten everything and everyone in order. All ambassadors and representatives had been lined up in the anteroom in a sequence acceptable, if not pleasing, to all of them. All malfunctions were repaired. All criminals were detained. All chaos was eliminated. All crises were resolved. Except one. Jeff went to meet her.

"Ambassador, I'm so glad you could make it. The dedication ceremony would be meaningless without you."

"I do support the purpose of this station, Commander, though the Earth Government has given me reason to question its commitment."

Jeff showed her to her place
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