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future history. To the final question-What significance can my life possibly have?-she had no answer, except that she had loved, and learned, and fought, all with passion and all to the best of her abilities, and perhaps those who came after would learn from what had happened to her and the crew of the Icarus. But in any case, she would never give up. No matter what they did, no matter how deeply they buried her inside of a machine, she would hold tight to the core of herself. And she would not go quietly. Her cry was hard.

"So be it."


The ship's singing had grown impatient, eager for activity. Kosh didn't know why he remained. Delenn had failed to have the Earth vessel recalled. The humans had violated the ancient home of the shadows. Their message had barely had the strength to penetrate the atmosphere and reach his ship, a short distance away. None of the humans' vessels would have had the ability to detect it. He had seen the woman, heard the fear in her voice, the anger at lies. The humans consumed themselves with lies. This woman even lied to herself, sending a message she knew would not reach Earth, knew would not bring help. He should leave, before his ship was detected. And yet he remained. Waiting. As he had waited for three years. For what must happen. The ship's song quickened. It perceived movement. The Earth vessel was rising clear of the atmosphere. Crude and ill-proportioned, it blasted its way out of the gravity well and took a course away from the planet and the rim. The ship ceased its singing to play a message it perceived from the Earth vessel. A computer voice said, "This is a distress call from the Earth science vessel Icarus. Our engines have reached critical parameters. Please respond with aid.

"The automatic message
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