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and felt Morden press against her back, shielding her. The bluish-gray alien who was reaching out long, meaty fingers for him jerked back with another blast. Then a torrent of rock spilled out over the parapet, slammed into them, and Donne's scream stopped. When the cave-in finally subsided, Anna brought her head out from her arms. Her battered arms shook, their movements halting, painful. She was having trouble breathing. Beside her Morden used his good hand to push a heavy rock away. They'd been buried up to shoulder height, the parapet around them filled with rock.

"I can't see Donne," Morden said, breathless also.

"Did she fall over?"

As Anna pushed herself onto her knees, she felt a flash of pain in her hip. She looked over the parapet, saw some. rocks that had fallen around the egg. If any had fallen on top, they had been absorbed. As Donne would have been, if she had fallen onto it. Otherwise everything looked the same.

"I don't see her."

They pulled themselves up, onto the rubble, their movements shaky, weak. On his knees, Morden braced his good hand on his thigh and bent forward, as if he were about to pass out. Anna crawled over the rocks, looking for any sign of Donne. In the gap between two rocks a white sleeve shone through. Anna guessed at the location of the head and began to clear away the rocks. Morden came to help. Donne's face had finally lost its clenched, sullen look. Her jaw hung loose, and there was a softness to her skin that made Anna realize that the woman was not much older than her. Strands of dirty-blond hair had fallen free down over her face, one grazing the small D-shaped scar on her cheek. Donne's helmet hung propped against one shoulder. Her neck had been broken.

"Anna," Morden said.

In the muddy light all around them,
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